Giuseppes family is delighted to introduce our new private catering experience, bringing our Sicilian cuisine and services to compliment your special day.

A successful event relies on understanding of the logistics involved. Arranging a wedding, celebratory party or product launch can be daunting for the inexperienced. Even the date and venue can be hard to match as a starting point.

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We understand that budget is important and we are always happy to help you get the most for your allocated spend, in order to maximise the impact and impress your guests with our catering services .

Giuseppes Catering will make your special event a memorable day featuring our violinists & musicians or even our beloved Father John if you wish to receive your blessings on your special day!

Call us on 01903 212780 or visit our website for more details!

Giuseppes Catering helps making your event day a bit more special!